Pimp My Ride-Logo


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    Pimp My Ride-Logo

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    Pimp My Ride-Logo

    Learn how to create the logo of the hitshow Pimp My Ride on MTV.
    I used standard photoshop-shapes so anyone would be able to create this without problems!

    Pimp My Ride-Logo

    Learn how to create one of those famous and simple effects!

    • Step 1 First create a new layer with the text Pimp my Ride using the font Banana Split;

    • Step 2 Add these layer-styles to it;

    • Step 3 CTRL+Rightclick the Thumbnail in the layer-palette to select the text;

    • Step 4 Go to Select>Modify>Expand and choose the double size of your stroke;

    • Step 5 Fill it with white and place it underneath the other layers;

    • Step 6 Select the move-tool and while holding ALT, press down many times;

    • Step 7 You may want to brush some spaces gone Wink
      Now, by using the Orb and the basic grass-shape, create, by rotating them, this kind of figure;

    • Step 8 Combine all the white pieces and fill it with a gradient with the 2 colors shown in the image below;

    • Step 8 And there you have it Wink

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