Tracing Cartoons


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    Tracing Cartoons

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    Tracing Cartoons

    you have a screencapture of bad quality, what do you do? Find another?
    NO, you remake it even better. Use this tutorial to RE-draw you
    favorite cartoons to give them that vector look you always wanted! It
    will now look better Wink

    Tracing Anime

    Learn how to trace a bad screencapture of Anime-series...

    • Step 1 Open a new document with a screencapture of a cartoon-serie that was on tv;

    • Step 2 For this, you're gonna need the Pen-Tool for this tutorial, so know how to use that first!
      First select a standard black 3px brush, and draw with the Pen-Tool the OUTER lines only;

    • Step 3 Then select a 2px black brush and do the rest of the lines;

    • Step 4 Then, get a brush and draw the eyes;

    • Step 5 Create a new background, or just remake the background like I did...

    • Step 6 Start coloring under the lines;

    • Step 7 Make sure everything has the basic color that you got with the Eyedropper;

    • Step 8 And place every color on a NEW layer;

    • Step 9 Use the Pen-Tool to select all the areas that are dark, and fill that with a darker color ON A NEW LAYER!

    • Step 10 Do the same with the extreme shadows;

    • Step 11
      You can also add lightning by selecting a lighter color then the
      base-color and draw shine-lines on the places that are exposed to

    • Step 12 Finish everything qua shading, and you're done!

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