Vector Simplicity #1


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    Vector Simplicity #1

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    Vector Simplicity #1

    Part 1 of the vectoring tutorial where I teach you how to make the newest rage in vectors, iPod-style people.
    These are great for websites!
    More in Part 2...

    Vector Simplicity #1

    This is the first part of your favorite vector silhouttes...

    • Step 1 Open up a picture of a random person in a dynamic pose;

    • Step 2 Then, when everything is traced, right-click and a menu will pop up. Choose Make Selection from it;
      Now you will have a selection of the person, now press CTRL+C and CTRL+V to paste the selection onto a new layer;
      if there are parts of the background still on the new image, do the
      same but then press delete when you have the selection in order to
      delete it;
      Right now, you can remove what's left... The background;

    • Step 3 Create a nice background with a soft gradient;

    • Step 4 Add your person to the background;

    • Step 5 Press CTRL+U and change the Lightness to +100;

    • Step 6 Duplicate the layer and press CTRL+I;

    • Step 7 Place it underneath the white person and move it a little bit to the side;

    • Step 8 Does this remind you of a commercial?

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